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Waterproof PH10mm 1 / 4 Scan 1R1G1B 10000 dot/m2 Outdoor Electronic LED Display Boards

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Brand Name: Wanzhou
Certification: CCC CE EMC FCC RoHS
Model Number: PH10mm

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1sqm
Packaging Details: Wooding or Flighting Cases
Delivery Time: Any time
Payment Terms: 7 Days
Supply Ability: 5000sqm/month

China Waterproof PH10mm 1 / 4 Scan 1R1G1B 10000 dot/m2 Outdoor Electronic LED Display Boards suppliers
Large Image : China Waterproof PH10mm 1 / 4 Scan 1R1G1B 10000 dot/m2 Outdoor Electronic LED Display Boards suppliers

Detailed Product Description

Waterproof PH10mm 1 / 4 Scan 1R1G1B 10000 dot/m2 Outdoor Electronic LED Display Boards

   1. Hanging beam structural design makes it easy and fast for installation

   2. Neat and Hidden Wiring allow the display more tidy and beautiful.

   3. Hanging beam and the base come to unity, That is, hanging beam could be used as a base when we need to install display on the floor. Even no back frame, the base can support the whole display if only the display's weight is 4m more or less. Efficiently utilize resources, reduce costs, convenient for installation .

   4. locks on both sides of cabinet contribute to uniformity and flatness of two neighboring cabinets.

   5.  fast installation, a cabinet could be uninstalled in one minute.

    advertising media, sports stadiums, airport station integrated information dissemination, business establishments, public square
    Model: DI-S10o-1
    Pixel pitch: P10mm


     Item No.                                

   Pixel Pitch (mm)         P10
   Driving Method         1/4 Scan
   Pixel Constitution         1R1G1B
   Pixel Density (dot/m2)         10000
   White Balance (CD/m2)         5500
   Gray Scale         12bit
   Color Quantity         68 Billion
   Color Contrast         948
   Refresh Frequency           300HZ-500HZ
   Frame Frequency


   Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical)         120/60
  Working Temperature         40
  Working Humidity         30%~75%
  Life Span         10 Years
 Cabinet Net Weight (PCS)         55KG
  Cabinet Size (W*H)         960mm*960mm*160mm
  Working Voltage         220V / 110V
  Rating Power Consumption (WATT/Cabinet)         500W
  Average Power Consumption (WATT/Cabinet)         250W
  Protection Grade (Front/Rear)         P67/IP65
  Certificate         CCC



Wanzhou LED Display Dress Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

It is expected that the 16th Asian Games will be held on Nov.12-27, 2010 in Guangzhou, China. To reflect the concept of green, LED technology has been widely used in this Asian Games. Perfect combination of full range space and digital projection technology, motion video and lighting effects, I believe will bring to audience a unprecedented visual experience.

Wanzhou Optoelectronics on the basis of innovative research and development technology, strong R & D team (structure group, electronics group, software group, hardware group), with successful projects of special profiled display for European companies, such as circular screen, oval screen, cross screen, door shaped screen. (Located in Sweden, Australia and Miami airport). Organizing Committee select Wanzhou from a dozen outstanding LED manufacturers as the designated design unit for drum-shaped and book shaped LED Screen used in Guangzhou Asian Games.

Drum-shaped and Book shaped led display
(Drum-shaped & Book shaped led display)

For the moment, the drum-shaped and book shaped screen has been designed installed. Drum-shaped screen was installed in Guangzhou Asian Games Village, Screen was printed with white mask. Asian Games Emblem was also subtly printed on the cover of drum-shaped screen to form a Puzzle piece of Asian Games.The design for Asian Games emblem, soft rising lines form wuyang shape similar to torch, combine abstract with figurative, agility with staid, elegant with stable, is a symbol of the Asian Games torch burning never dies.

(Drum-shaped led display)

Book-shaped Screen is unlike ordinary curved screen design, each cabinet and each module must meet the exact curvature of the design drawings. Installation site, Dicolor LED display and installation structure of book-shaped screen close fit, the final effect is perfect.

(Book shaped led display)

This design of drum-shaped and book-shaped Screen combines modern technology and traditional culture, get the static art dancing. Wanzhou will adopt the spirit of the Asian Games, with continuous innovation and breakthrough design, will be the leader in LED industry.Whether in the processing technique, or in the research technology, Wanzhou strive for excellence and provide high-quality LED products constantly.

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